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About us

"Grant Schools" refer to "any secondary school which receives subsidies in accordance with the Code of Aid for Secondary Schools and which was, before 1 April 1973, in receipt of grants in accordance with the Grant Code" (Cap 279C). They were established by missionaries in selfless dedication and churches with their resourceful input and tireless efforts, offering quality education to the commoners in the nineteenth and early twentieth century, and have been receiving grant-in-aid from the government to operate. With the merging of Grant Code and Subsidy Code under one unified "Code of Aid" in 1973, in operation grant schools still have their separate identities and their own council.

"The object of the Hong Kong Grant Schools Council is to provide a body representative of the Grant Schools, to co-operate with Government in the working of the Grant-in-aid system, and capable of noting (should it be so commissioned) with plenipotentiary power on behalf of the Grant Schools." (Constitution of Grant Schools Council, 1940)



  • - Fostering mutual support among the member schools
  • - Promoting better service and quality education in Hong Kong
  • - Making representations and recommendations on educational matters to the relevant authorities


Grant Schools aim to provide an all-round education. Besides a strong academic emphasis, every effort is made to develop a pupil's individual talents. The objectives of Grant schools are

  • - To teach efficiently through the latest pedagogical methods
  • - To instill civic, moral and spiritual values
  • - To encourage participation in extra-curricular activities
  • - To enhance language skills, both written and oral


Grant schools expect their students to be bi-iterate and trilingual, that is, to be able to write in Chinese and English and able to speak in Cantonese, Putonghua and English.

Graduates of Grant schools have a strong sense of belonging to their alma maters. Alumni associations have sprung up in all corners of the world as a tangible way of keeping close contact with their mother schools. Throughout the world, graduates of Grant Schools show that the Hong Kong public identifies with our educational aims.

The history of Grant Schools Council started from 1939, with the object of providing a body representative of the Grant Schools, cooperating with the Government in the operation of the Grant-in-aid system, and being vested with plenipotentiary power (should it be so commissioned) on behalf of the Grant Schools.
Emulating the selfless dedication of their school founders, members of Grant Schools Council, who are the principals of grant schools, have always shown an astonishing single-mindedness about their mission to develop students, with both human knowledge and the Divine knowledge, into educated citizens of integrity and servant leaders with humility. The “Grant Schools Council Review 2011” best describes the characteristics of grant schools, which include the long tradition of providing quality education with sound Christian and moral values, being strong in English as the medium of instruction, and the promotion of student initiative and autonomy through a wide range of extra-curricular activities, leadership training and service training.
Amidst such challenging, tumultuous times in the 21st Century, Grant Schools Council will continue to contribute effectually to the development of education in Hong Kong against all odds. It is therefore imperative to revisit our educational principles and history in order to reaffirm and strengthen our status and retain the respect we have enjoyed in the past years. We will strive to realize the founding aim of the Council and live out the education ideals advocated by the missionaries, our school founders. As the hymn “We build our school on thee, O Lord” wrote:
We change, but Thou art still the same,
The same good master, teacher, friend;
We change; but Lord, we bear Thy name,
To journey with it to the end.
May the Lord continue to bless Grant Schools Council and every grant school abundantly as He has been faithfully doing over the past decades.
Allan Cheng
Chairman of Grant Schools Council, 2020-2021 
3rd row : Mr. Kenneth Law, Dr. Davis Chan, Dr. Warren Chung, Mr. Frederick Poon, Mr. Ronnie Cheng, Mr. Lawrence Law, Mr. Dennis Yuen, Mr. W.S. Tong
2nd row : Ms. Daphne Ho, Ms. Janet Wong, Mrs. Cherry Chan, Ms. Maggie Chau, Ms. W.F. Wong, Mrs. Stella Lau, Sr. Margaret Wong
1st row : Ms. Bella Leung, Ms. Y.Y. Ngan, Mr. Allan Cheng, Sr. Veronica Fok, Ms. Emily Wong, Ms. Melaine Lee
Not in the photo : Mr. Francis Kwan

Executive Committee 2020-2021

Mr. Allan Cheng


Sr. Veronica Fok

Vice Chairperson

Ms. Emily Wong

Hon. Secretary

Mr. Frederick Poon

Hon. Treasurer

Mr. Ronnie Cheng

(Past Chairman)

Committee Member


Ms. Maggie Chau

GSC 80th Anniversary Celebration (Joint Service) Sub-Committee

Mrs. Stella Lau

GSC Retreat / Excursion Sub-Committee

Mr. Lawrence Law

GSC Professional Development Sub-Committee

Mr. Kenneth Law

GSC Publicity Sub-Committee